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About Us

D&D Company Inc. is a Thunderline Link Seal Distributor located in Howard County, Maryland. President Doug Young has 43 years experience with Link Seals.

D&D Company Inc provides:

  ▪ 24x7 Live Product Technical Assistance
  ▪ Large Inventories
  ▪ ASAP Shipping or Will Call Pick-up
  ▪ Assistance for Link-Seal determinations from over 43 years of experience
  ▪ Made in USA with A.R.R.A Compliant Link-Seals and Century-Line
Plastic Sleeves

From The President -

With the closing of R.J. Ruschell Company due to Gregg Ruschell's retirement in July of 2012, D&D Company, Inc was started to replace R.J. Ruschell Company. After years of working and learning from two great gentlemen Bob and Gregg Ruschell, I have changed hats from "Employee" to "President" with the same philosophy of providing maximum customer service and support as R.J. Ruschell Company.

I have been fortunate to represent a product as high in quality as Link Seals for the past four decades. I also enjoy providing Link Seals to local businesses in the Mid-Atlantic region.

I would like to thank Bob and Greg Ruschell for their service and dedication to the industry and I look forward to providing your business with that same level of service. The bar was set high!

D&D Company Inc. is family owned and operated. I work alongside my family Diane Young, Kenny and Christine Young and Laura and Matt Kimmel.

Thank you for visiting our web site and we look forward to working with you.


President D&D Company, Inc.

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